Areas of expertise





We are experts in building solutions that integrate with the following platforms to enhance your operational workflows:

Salesforce (Sales, Service, Marketing, Integration Clouds)

any other SOAP or REST API based system.

using technologies such as APEX, Node.js, Express.js, React and .NET hosted in AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

We build solutions that link the disparate parts of your enterprise in better ways: automating processes or workflows, building entirely new business systems and/or enhancing operational oversight through improving reporting to enable you to make more informed decisions.


If your just starting off with the Salesforce CRM or Zuora Billing/Z-Quoting to prepare for major growth, then leverage our skills and experience obtained from working with some of the most successful start-up and growth companies in the industry.  We've been in the trenches with department leaders in helping them scale - from the top of the funnel with Marketing to Sales to Professional Services to Support we have seen it all.  We understand the different needs of these departments, but we also understand how they need to be aligned and work together for a company's overall success.

We begin each implementation with an actionable strategy; strategic guidance focused on the people, process, and technology that deliver tangible immediate results and help you scale over time.

With our expertise and best practices obtained from many previous digital transformation projects, we turn your desired future state into a concrete set of technical and process requirements that ensure the success of even the most complex deployments.  We know how challenging change management can be in implementing a solution in your enterprise and we often evolve to be a trusted partner and collaborator on that front.


Most companies find it challenging to choose the right approach and have limited resources to implement complex integrations. Our team combines expertise with cloud middleware, cloud APIs and pre-built production-ready integrators to help you develop the right integration strategy and architecture for your application integrations.  We specialize in:

* Connecting the front-office (sales, marketing and customer support teams) with the back-office (accountant, production and logistics departments).
* Automating business processes end to end.
* Enabling sales reps to access the functionality they need through Salesforce interface.
* Enhancing user experience with a single authentication across tools.
* Creating a 360-degree customer view.
* Delivering a consistent customer experience.


Migrating from on-premise to cloud-based SaaS solutions is a complex process that arguably is much more difficult than just an implementation engagement.  In the past year we have completed migrations between Salesforce instances and billing migrations between NetSuite, Zuora and Stripe due to M&A activities.  Many of our latest engagements deal with getting data from Salesforce and its ecosystem into a Data Lake or Data Warehouse OR getting data into Salesforce from a Data Warehouse or other systems.  We have DevOps and Cloud engineers as part of our team who are experts with ETL and technologies like RedShift, Kinesis and Apache Kafka.