We are experts in building solutions that integrate with the following platforms to enhance your operational workflows:

Salesforce (Sales, Service, Marketing, Integration Clouds)

any other SOAP or REST API based system.

using technologies such as APEX, Node.js, Express.js, React and .NET hosted in AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

We build solutions that link the disparate parts of your enterprise in better ways: automating processes or workflows, building entirely new business systems and/or enhancing operational oversight through improving reporting to enable you to make more informed decisions.  Development Services at Phoober usually progresses through the following stges:

​​Business Analysis

During this phase we hold individual or group interviews with stakeholders to collect or elicit their requirements. Then we interpret the requirements, including conflicting ones, and prioritize them to deliver the most demanded functionality first. Finally, we present the prioritized business-, functional- and system requirements in a detailed report and finalize the aligned vision of the business and technological aspects of the application. Our team can stay in touch with the customer throughout the entire project to keep up with the changing or arising requirements.

UI/UX Design

This is the stage where we create a visual guide that depicts the basic structure of your new solution whether is a wholly new application or an integration. Wireframes or the UI or process flow serve as the skeleton displaying the various functions and systems that interact with your new solution.  This multistep, collaborative process is where you and the Phoober team work together to bring your ideas to life. Integral to this process is understanding your business requirements and goals. This stage also helps us anticipate future iterations to the project.


​​After the design phase, the coding phase commences.  By utilizing agile development methodologies, Phoober can release work in iterations. This allows you to suggest necessary alterations as your solution is being developed. This arrangement can save both parties time and energy, as adjustments can be made accordingly and immediately.

​​User Training
We provide training to increase user adoption and help users to adapt to the capabilities of the delivered solution, make the best possible use of default and custom features and enhance employee productivity.

Deployment and Support
After deployment of the solution, Phoober offers a warranty period and maintenance agreement. This gives you the technical support required to properly integrate your solution into your business practices.

DEVELOPMENT SERVICES: for building NEW custom applications 

Areas of expertise