Areas of expertise


We are experts in migrating between on-premise to SaaS, between different SaaS solutions and moving data between your SaaS and your Data/BI infrastructure:
Salesforce (Sales, Service, Marketing, Integration Clouds)


Migration & Data Challenges:

Organizations want to make sure that the migration process is as painless and secure as possible with minimum disruption to daily operations. The challenge is to make sure they know that your SaaS product has all the functionalities you need for your business.

Generally, the initial key areas of concern are:

  • What are there workflows and processes that need to be rebuilt or remapped as part of the migrations?
    What kind of enablement and training needs to be done across the organization for the new SaaS offering?
    What is the post migration plan for support and changes?

    Bandwidth and security
  • If there are extra charges for a large amount of data to be stored with the new software e.g. number of customers in a CRM
  • Can they import data by CSV?  Or do you need to build a complex ETL pipeline?
  • Who will load the data and how will they do it, and how long will it take?
  • Do they need to purchase migration tools or a migration service?
  • Defining the kind of data you want to move to the new platform
  • Determining the depth of data you want to move
  • Understanding the importance of cleaning the data
  • Recognizing the potential errors that might be faced
  • Understanding the benefits of moving data in sections

Migrations are no easy task - there are many factors to consider and many steps to take to ensure the security of information. Our customers don't want to lose the smallest piece of information during the process.  And when it comes to billing migrations there is a real economic impact to a failed migration for your customers - but if done incorrectly then the impact might be felt more by yourself!

Before you decides to embark on a migration - make sure you review the reasons why a company might want to migrate to another SaaS offering:

  • Lower costs
  • Increased reliability
  • Increased security
  • Better scalability to accommodate growth
  • Improved performance due to new software
  • A change in business environment, which requires additional cloud features or functions
  • The current platform is not keeping up with the company’s needs
  • Improved integration

As long as some or all of these hold then a migration might hold more value that another integration or new development initiative.

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