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Here are some examples of systems we have built specifically for the Salesforce / Zuora platform:

Powerful New PDF Generation - if you are still using a bunch of MailMerge Word documents for your Zuora quotes and Invoice templates we have a faster and more powerful solution available.  Imagine using one programmatic- or HTML-based template that: easily supports multiple languages and currencies; shows products, discounts and taxes in any structure you want; alters the quote depending on the products selected; shows warnings or errors dependent on any combination of Quote, Opportunity or Account data so your Salespeople can make better decisions - and have pdfs generate in less than 5 seconds.

Hardware Fulfillment - integrate your Zuora billing system with hardware fulfillment companies like Ingram/TPG to automatically create POs via APIs or via NetSuite so you can ship hardware immediately - we also verify address and shipping costs with companies like UPS and FedEx.

Subscription Creation, Amendment and Cancellation Call-outs - Zuora can automatically perform API call-out notifications on various events like a new subscription.  You can use these to action business logic in Zuora, Salesforce or your other in-house systems - we can help build these integrations.  Automatically create licenses in your operational systems or activate feature flags depending on what your customers buys.  At a minimum we can build logic that reviews every quote Sent to Zuora for flaws and mistakes so alerts can be sent and problems fixed right away.

Commissioning System - calculate Salespeople's monthly commissions based on payment or revenue events in Zuora.

ACH Reversal Handling - if you customers are paying by ACH then payments can be reversed and fail after a few days if their bank account information is incorrect ... are you handling this payment case or are you losing money without even knowing!

End-to-End Salesforce/Zuora/Payment Gateway Reconciliation - we have built systems that pulls in the entire history of payments and revenue streams between Salesforce, Zuora and Payment Gateways such as Stripe and Adyen to reconcile the flow of money from the quote to your bank account in an continuous and automated fashion - and to make sure annual contracted value is consistent across the board!  Be sure the $ you are seeing is the $ you are getting - multi-currency supported!

Zuora Rules and Salesforce Processes/Workflows - these tools can get confusing, but they are powerful and can be used to properly manage your quoting, sales and operational processes.  We can help build and explain their proper use to your team ... 

We have a lot of experience working with companies like yours in making their SaaS systems work as efficiently and seamlessly as possible.  Get in touch and see where we can help out.  SaaS is expensive - shouldn't you be trying to get the most out of your investment!?