Phoober enables you to find the best and cheapest rates to worldwide destinations - cut out the middleman and use direct routes to communicate with friends and family.

Phoober is a different kind of international calling app. Why? Just keep reading to learn why...

First let's clarify a few points - unlike other calling apps we charge you to the second for any calls made. So if you make a 35 second call, you'll be charged for a 35 second call. Most apps round up to the nearest minute, which makes calls more expensive.

Secondly, we keep all prices accurate to 4 decimal places because that's how we get charged; most apps round up to the nearest cent. It's not much we know, but those sub-pennies can really add up over time.

Thirdly, we don't charge any connection fees - that's another way other apps are more expensive.  Now on to what really separates Phoober from our competitors ... 

There is a world-wide market of international routes out there and Phoober has negotiated special access to a multitude of vendors - and we're adding new ones to our app all the time. Rates vary from vendor to vendor and they can change every day. It's basically a world-wide stock market of rates to destinations set by companies and governments. When you see prices on other apps, calling cards or long distance plans you are generally seeing the most expensive rates. Why? because they need to cover the highest cost and still make some margin. When you call a number with these apps they will try to connect the call with the cheapest route so they can make the most profit. But what if you could get prices that closely track those changing stock-market of costs in real-time - it would save you quite a bit of money! That's what Phoober tries to do and that's why this app is different!

When you enter a phone number into Phoober and you search for rates we return a list of all available routes and prices to that destination. You can then tell Phoober to make the call based on price - starting with the cheapest route first - or you can pick the route you think is best.

To help you choose quality routes we've added another feature that no other app has: real-time quality metrics from other Phoober users. If a route is colored green then that means other Phoober users have had good experiences with their calls; if the route is red then it may not be working very well. But why would you, as a Phoober user, rate your call experience - although it would be nice if you did so just because your a considerate user - we know your time is valuable; so that's why we give a credit back to your account for every review you give. We built this app in the hopes it would save people money - especially when we see so many high long distance rates out there. We hope you find Phoober useful, and if so please spread the word and tell your friends and family!

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