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We work closely with our clients to create transformational solutions to meet business needs and drive performance.

Powerful Territory/Skill-set based Lead Assignment Queues - assigning leads coming into Salesforce via Marketing Cloud, HubSpot or Marketo to the proper Salespeople based on territory (country, state or postal code) or skill-set is one of the most important steps your organization can take to maximize the efficiency of your sales team.

Powerful New Quote or Order PDF Generation - if you are still using a bunch of MailMerge Word documents for your quotes and order templates we have a faster and more powerful solution available.  Imagine using one programmatic- or HTML-based template that: easily supports multiple languages and currencies; shows products, discounts and taxes in any structure you want; alters the quote depending on the products selected; shows warnings or errors dependent on any combination of Quote, Opportunity, Product or Account data so your Salespeople can make better decisions - and have PDFs generate in less than 5 seconds.

Commissioning System - calculate Salespeople's monthly commissions based on opportunity or revenue events and automatically claw back commissions based on customer cancellations or suspensions.

We have a lot of experience working with companies like yours in making their SaaS systems work as efficiently and seamlessly as possible - right across the enterprise.



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Specializing in building innovative operational systems and integrations


We specialize in building solutions that integrate with the following SaaS platforms to enhance your operational workflows: Salesforce, Zuora, Marketo, HubSpot, NetSuite and any other SOAP or REST API based system.  We are experts in Salesforce configuration, APEX development and REST API integrations built in Node.js, C# and React.

THANKS for visiting PHOOBER CONSULTING - you rarely get thanks for visiting a website these days, but if you're here that means you might be searching for a solution to some problem or a way of doing things better.  We hope you at least read the below few paragraphs to learn more about what we are about here at PHOOBER.  It's our goal to make your time worth it ... 

Too often corporate websites speak prophetically and ad nauseam about their business without really describing what they actually do or what they offer - they offer up buzz-words and high level aspirations.  What is PHOOBER CONSULTING? We are a provider of impactful business and technology consulting services specializing in the operational guts of you organization.  We specialize in configuring, integrating and developing in Salesforce, Zuora, NetSuite and other API-enabled SaaS platforms that you use to more effectively run your business. We are a team of highly skilled technology professionals with 20+ years of experience in designing, developing and deploying systems that solve real-world operational problems - oftentimes much cheaper than doing it in-house or using other firms.

Companies tend to focus so much of their efforts on their product or service - and rightly so - as that's the source of their revenue and the reason they exist and hopefully thrive in the business landscape.  But companies often overlook or neglect their own internal systems and operations.  More often than naught it is not done purposely - its done because its so hard to change systems and processes while your enmeshed in it.  These processes are the ways your company operates and gets things done - even if they are clunky or manual or un-integrated - it's just how you've always been doing it.  Any process is better than none at all - right?  Or maybe your organization just hasn't seen a better path.  Maybe you're stuck in the weeds of fighting fires everyday so you're too busy to take the time to try to rise above it and find a better path.  Sometimes you need a viewpoint or some extra resources who can focus on those changes on your behalf.  You know your business best so tell us what's not working and maybe we can come up with a better solution together.  

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